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What do I do if things don't work like this FAQ says or if something needs to be added to this FAQ?
If it might help others to see your concern, please post it in the comments at the bottom of this page. If you don't want your concern to be seen by others, send it to us in the 'Contact Us' form.  Setting up a site like this is extremely complex and we need all the help we can get. Thanks.

Why do I need to become a member?
Here are the 2 roles you can have and their major capabilities:

  • Authenticated User
    • Post a comment after you pass a CAPTCHA challenge like this.  captcha challenge 
  • Member
    • Post comments and do other stuff without CAPTCHA challenges like this.  captcha challenge
    • Change your Username
    • Upload your picture to your 'Author Pane'
    • Create Forum Topics
    • Create Photo Pages for the Galleries

How do I become a member?
Here are the 2 roles you can have and how to become them:

  • Authenticated User
    • Click on 'Create new account'.
    • Submit the registration form.
    • Receive the automatic email sent to you from this site.
    • Click on the link provided in the email.
  • Member
    • Click here to get to the membership form.
    • Submit the membership form.
    • Wait for us to read your submission and send you an email.

Can I become an 'Authenticated User' before I become a 'Member'?
Yes. Please do.

What is my 'user information'?
Your user information is made of 2 parts:

  • Personal Information that helps us contact you and know you better.
  • Public Information displayed in your 'Author Pane' amongest other places.

Where is my 'user information'?
First, you must be logged in.
Then, click 'My account', the 'Edit' tab, and either 'Public Information' or 'Private Information'.

What my 'Author Pane'?
It is your 'Public Information' displayed in your comments.

How do I post a picture into the Galleries? (members only)
Below your login name is a menu, in this menu is '+Create Content'. Click the plus sign to expand it and then click 'Photo'. Once you are in the 'Create Photo' page it gets pretty simple. I recommend skipping 'Preview' and clicking 'Save'. If there is a problem, you can click the 'Edit' tab when the page is shown. Play with it; you can't hurt anything.  

How do I find my content, like Photo, so I can edit it? (members only)
You will need to click on 'My Account', click on the 'CMF' tab, then click on the link to your page. There you will find an edit tab. -OR- Find your picture in the galleries and click on it. There you will find an edit tab.

How do I find my files? (members only)
Go to 'My Account' and click on the 'File Browser' tab.

I looked in my files and I can't find the pictures I put in the Photo pages. Where are they? (members only)
These pictures are accessible only through editing the Photo page itself. This stops you from accidentally stripping a picture out of a Photo page without replacing it.

How can I change my 'Username'? (members only)
Click on 'My account', then click on 'edit'.
What is the "Topic:" and "Keywords:" at the start of an article?
This is an alternative to using the 'Search'. A 'search' can be overwhelming when articles have many comments.


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Test Comment to the FAQ

I am making a test comment in the FAQ.
This is the second line to that comment.

Webcasting at pampapcusa.org every Sunday.

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This is a reply to a reply.

Sure do hope it is indented.

Webcasting at pampapcusa.org every Sunday.