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The days of dead web sites are long past. Current events must be posted, calendars updated, pictures added, and content adjusted. While these tasks are simple and only take a few minutes (if your website has a good content management system) someone has to do it.

If you plan on webcasting, know that no one will want to run the webcast every week for years. You will need at least three people with medium level computer skills. By medium level, we mean someone who is either forced to use a computer for their job, like a teacher, or junior-high and high school kids.

If you can't find the people, you will be forced to scale back.

You may have thought cost would be the determining factor in a web site or webcasting. If 'done on a shoe string' the cost of a full blown website-webcasting system is easily affordable for a church of over 100 members.

But, do you have the people you need in your membership? Will you overtax them? These are the questions needing answers. Talk with your pastor, talk with prospective workers. Then, come back here and see what you can do.