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The key is empathy and preparedness.

When the senior citizen asks "Why on earth do we need this?" An answer of "Times are changing..." will not impress. An answer of "We need to bring the Word to the homebound, those in the hospital, and reach our grandchldren when they are off at college and really depressed." Chances are that one of those groups scored a big hit.

Young couples may wonder why they would ever need something like this. Make sure they know videos and photos of their kids at the Wednesday night activities is one of the things that make a website great. Weddings, baptisms, and all those things we love to remember can be instantly available anywhere. (These can either be open to the public or password only.)

Be prepared for financial questions. Tally up the costs for your projected systems. That way you can say, "If we just do the web site, it will cost about $..., a webcast with a very small capacity will add around $..., and to reach the entire world with a webcast will cost about $..., and that is with all new equipment and outsourced labor. Always finish with "We hope to bring in new members and entice future pastors to come here through this type of outreach."

That last sentence made it an investment, not an expense.