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QoS (Quality of Service) Settings

Webcasting is similar to 'gaming' in that it is bandwidth intensive. Jerkiness or failure can be caused by unwelcome and unexpected bandwidth hogs such as 'Windows Update'. This goes for both the church's webcasting computer and the client's receiving computer.

The ever popular LinkSys router has a solution using the QoS (Quality of Service) settings. Generally used for gaming, it should be perfect for webcasting.

We are figuring out how to use it right now. Here are the notes:

log in client's router
admin admin is standard passwords
main menu 'applications and gaming'
sub menu click 'QoS'
type in port number (8081), choose priority, click save changes

do same for church port 8080
1st change the output port to from 80 to the more obscure 8080
 change port forwarding to reflect this change

Need to place a priority on the server software player at the church just below the webcasting output priority.
How do we stop other church computers from going on the Internet and overloading the bandwidth? I assume the priority settings can be assigned to a specific MAC address. And, using the IPaddress of the church, the website live player PHP could be rewritten to use the local encoder directly instead of the Internet server.

Need to develop a testing procedure, such as going to SpeakEasy or YouTube or simply downloading a huge PDF or perhaps all of these depending upon the router settings and reach of those settings.