Solution to the Halfway Failure?

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Here I am, three weeks after a webcasting failure which occurred midway through a service. These last two webcasts have been perfect. As with most failures to a complex system, the solution becomes one of probabilities.

There are two facts that come into play:

  1. Windows Solitaire and Minesweeper were listed high in the Quick Start Menu.
  2. We have had perfect results with another operator.

Running any other programs while webcasting is a risk. A minor slowdown can cause a few skipped frames which can be just enough to confuse the media server. And the old-time Solitaire to top it all. Solitaire used to crash Windows all the time.

Is this a failure due to boredom? I was afraid I would end up with a system so complicated that no one could run it and now I have a failure due to BOREDOM?

What do I need to do now? Install a magazine rack? A television?


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Re: Solution to the Halfway Failure?
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