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Up Your


Old Video Monitor

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This old monitor is just a little too fuzzy to use. It ended up getting replaced while trying to track down a bug in the system.


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We are now set up with only 3 VCRs, one of them a failsafe hooked directly to the wide-view camera.

Bad Pan/Tilt Setup

Notice how the pan/tilt stops are touching the permanent stop. These are the two pan-head looking screws just above the big label on the pan/tilt unit. Being in this position means the camera can turn nearly 360 degrees. Poor wiring practices along with a failure to test all axis of movement allowed the zoom lense wire to stretch and break.
Click on the photo to zoom-in. Notice the ripped wires on the back of the camera. These go to the $800 zoom lense.
Using a professional seems cheap.

Wiring Nightmare

Use a professional. This is just some of the mess I was confronted with when I started.

Ancient Audio Equipment

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If only people aged this well. Still makes very good sound. Just need to replace the cassette player with something of this century.

Camera Pan/Tilt Control

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 A mechanical Pan/Tilt is always on your desktop, unlike the computer based controls.

Mechanical Camera Switch

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Cheap solution with Radio Shack™ box, rocker switch, and some terminals.

Halfway Failure

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We have rocked along for quite awhile now without a problem. Yet, as all things made by man, we had a webcast failure halfway through the service. Again I am in the position of trying to diagnose the problem using only the fuzziest of indicators. The indicators consist of an Approximate Timeline and a User Input.


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Video hardware comes in an amazing array of choices. As with all your choices, first think of personnel. Are dedicated cameramen a realistic option? Can you expect one person to run a pan/tilt and a zoom along with everything else? Secondly, think of cost. Just how much better is a 'commercial camera' than a 'security camera'? Is it worth the cost? Can it be run remotely?


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An expensive zoom lens is not necessary and adds to the workload of the operator. Currently, we are using two non-zooming cameras and we have never had a complaint. Zoom would be a nice addition for the children's sermon and perhaps if we gain more capable personnel we will get one. So this choice is definitely debatable.

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