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Found the Intermittent Torn Screen Bug

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The history of this bug can be found here.

Finding an intermittent bug can be a slow process which ends in a certain degree of confidence that the bug has actually been resolved. I am 90% sure the source of the 'Torn Screen Bug' has been found and resolved.

To make a long story short, the video cable from the distribution amplifier to the pan/tilt monitor was acting as an antenna and feeding some of the rampant electro-magnetic energy backwards to the distribution amplifier causing it to fail.

Indestructable computer for senior citizens?

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If you are one of the IT guys hanging around the church, you are constantly being asked to fix senior citizen computers. Other senior citizens don't have computers just because of the problems.

The way to fix this is to come up with a Linux boot CD which only allows surfing with Iceweasel and thus email with gmail. Catch my drift? Boot with a CD and they don't even need a hard drive. Update and virus won't even be in their vocabulary. Then, if they have a problem, you can tell them to pull the plug out of the wall...


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QoS (Quality of Service) Settings

Webcasting is similar to 'gaming' in that it is bandwidth intensive. Jerkiness or failure can be caused by unwelcome and unexpected bandwidth hogs such as 'Windows Update'. This goes for both the church's webcasting computer and the client's receiving computer.

The ever popular LinkSys router has a solution using the QoS (Quality of Service) settings. Generally used for gaming, it should be perfect for webcasting.

We are figuring out how to use it right now. Here are the notes:

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