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Once you get your system up and running, the last and ongoing step is creating a set of printed instructions. I would recommend creating these instructions as a simple web page or a document stored on the server so that they can be found and reproduced at a moment's notice. 

The following link is to the printable instructions for a weekly webcast at the First Presbyterian Church of Pampa Texas.


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Reliability is the key factor to buying a computer. Cheap motherboards, skimpy memory and poor setup are just a few factors that effect reliability.

Here is an interesting thought on how to buy a reliable computer:


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Keeping hardware complexity to a minimum is a major goal not only for the webcast operator, but the 'engineer' who installs and maintains the system. Every piece of equipment is like adding a 'straw to the camel's back'. This is part of the reason I would discourage digital audio. There is nothing simpler than the good, old fashioned audio amp. It never needs to reboot or have software upgrades. Being forced to have a computer sending the video up to the web is bad enough.

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